Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The #HorseFamous Scale

People often wonder, "Am I #HorseFamous?"  Well, folks, I'm here with the answer to your pressing needs: A #HorseFamous scale!  It's a very simple function and can be represented algebraically as:
 F   =  log(S  )
  H          YT
Basically, #HorseFame (F) is equal to the (base 10) logarithm of the number of YouTube subscribers (S) somepony has, making the #HorseFamous scale logarithmic in nature (much like the Richter scale).
Of course, one of the most obvious faults of my scale is it takes only YouTube subscriber count into consideration; as a result, somepony like Dustykatt would score a paltry 4.3 while Antony C (well-known in the analysis community, but not as much outside) a 4.5.  So perhaps this function should be constrained to those bronies who are #HorseFamous on YouTube for now, until a more generalized equation can be derived.

Where Do I Fall?

Well, now that ONE THOUSAND awesome people have joined the Corpulent Cartel and subscribed to my channel, I officially rate a 3.0 on the #HorseFamous scale.  Since it is logarithmic, I am still far from people like Minty Root (4.2), JHaller (5.2), or Living Tombstone (5.9).  Still, it's something, I guess, though not really...because, at the end of the day, being #HorseFamous or not really doesn't amount to a hill of apples.
But what does matter is all of you and how grateful I am to you awesome people for endorsing my shenanigans seasoned with occasional bursts of analysis.  I am deeply humbled and honored to have earned each of your subscriptions.

For fun, I created a chart showing where some of the people on my subscription list fall on this silly little scale.  Hope you enjoy!

Obligatory #HorseFamous Song

(Warning: I might be releasing my own version at some point.)

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