Wednesday, September 14, 2016

MLP ASMR for Bronies - In the Closet

The (official) inaugural episode of In the Closet with Corpulent Brony features ASMR, or Alicorn Special Method of Relaxation.  This method employs the use of common, everyday objects to make sounds that some find enjoyable.  I speak quietly throughout to help enhance the experience of relaxation.

As with all my videos, try not to take anything herein too seriously.  In the immortal words of a philosopher I seem to have forgotten:


I've been wanting to do a brony/ASMR video for a while.  I'm a fan of ASMR YouTubers, especially Ephemeral Rift for the levity he injects into the genre.  I thought mixing my pony merchandise with ASMR could be good for a few keks, and hopefully you'll agree.

Apparently I've had a decent binaural microphone for almost a year now, but I never gave it a go.  The volume was a tad too low on this first try, but after some tuning up in Adobe Audition I thought it sounded decent enough.

I am definitely not a professional ASMRtist and probably never will be, this is likely simply a one-off for fun and giggles.

As always, let me know in the comments section or on social media your thoughts and comments on this video or if you have suggestions for future stuff you'd like to see.

Thanks for watching!