Thursday, July 16, 2015

Corpulent Brony's BronyCon 2015 Schedule!

Where am I going to be at this year's BronyCon?  They finally released their schedule of events, and I put together a possible schedule for myself that I may or may not follow.  So, here's all the data you need to stalk me, you silly little stalker you!!!  I'll try and keep the calendar updated, so check back often!  
The number of stars after an event's name marks how likely it is I am going to attend:
  • * means maybe
  • ** means probably
  • *** means likely
  • **** means definitely
If you're going to BronyCon this year, what are you planning on doing?  Is there anything I'm missing?  Leave a comment and let me know!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Summer Convention Announcements

I'll be doing a couple cons this summer.  First off, this weekend (holy crap it's tomorrow!) is the Grand Brony Gala in Tampa, FL, where I'll be hosting a panel with Brawny Buck on Friday and Sunday at 1pm in Salon A called What Makes Pony Good: An Introspective Into the Brony Review and Analysis Community (a full description is below).
If you can't make it there, I'll be at BronyCon from August 7-9 where I won't have an official panel but will be doing a live Pony Tonite Podcast with DJ Tetsuo (which hopefully should be recorded but won't be livestreamed unless we get the proper equipment and broadband access).  We'll announce more details about the BronyCon event as the date approaches (which it is fast doing!)
Hope to meet some of you this year!

What Makes Pony Good

An Introspective into the Brony Review and Analysis Community

Join Corpulent Brony and Brawny Buck as they share their insights into the brony analysis and review community.  Why do so many analyze a cartoon pony show?  Does analysis still hold any value in the fandom?  Does it negatively or positively affect your perception and enjoyment of the show?  Together you’ll delve into these questions and find out what goes into making an entertaining yet informative analysis.