Thursday, July 16, 2015

Corpulent Brony's BronyCon 2015 Schedule!

Where am I going to be at this year's BronyCon?  They finally released their schedule of events, and I put together a possible schedule for myself that I may or may not follow.  So, here's all the data you need to stalk me, you silly little stalker you!!!  I'll try and keep the calendar updated, so check back often!  
The number of stars after an event's name marks how likely it is I am going to attend:
  • * means maybe
  • ** means probably
  • *** means likely
  • **** means definitely
If you're going to BronyCon this year, what are you planning on doing?  Is there anything I'm missing?  Leave a comment and let me know!

1 comment:

  1. Hopefully I'll see you. I'm planning on going to fandom changing, doughnut steel, animating live, and horsecast live so look out for me.