Thursday, March 19, 2015

Corpulent Brony Anniversary


Yesterday marked my one year anniversary as Corpulent Brony online and on YouTube.  It was on that fateful day a hasty and poorly thought out decision was made to record a video of myself promoting The Marefriend's Patreon account shirtless and to call myself Corpulent Brony.
I now have 1,050 subscribers, many of which I am very lucky to also call my friends, and I've created almost 100 videos.  I've had the privilege to meet so many awesome individuals and am very honored to have been afforded such an opportunity.
Art by CatAvenger
I obviously couldn't have made it this long with most of my sanity in tact if it weren't for all the help I've received along the way.  The number one pony upon which the bedrock of my humble success has been built is, of course, The Marefriend.  Many others have contributed, but to try and list them all here would be unfair as I would inevitably leave some out. 
So thank you everypony, and here's to another awesome year of pony!

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