Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hello World!

Who is Corpulent Brony?

I make videos on the YouTube about ponies.  I specialize in analysis videos, but since these take so much time to put together I often release silly little things in the interim.  Additionally, I co-host a number of podcasts, including Pony Tonite Podcast, Limbo Podcast, and, after the hiatus finally ends, Equestria Confidential.

What is this?

I'll be posting new updates here that are too long to really put on my other social media sites, as well as cross-posting new videos I upload.  Which leads me to...

What's new?

Thanks for asking!  I've been hard at work on an analysis video taking a closer look at Discord, sort of as a response to other videos I've seen on the same topic.  I've been bogged down with the introduction, strep throat, and school lately, but I still am hoping to get this out before the month ends, though it may be difficult.  Also, the Legends of Equestria bonus open server weekend the next couple days could take some time away from this project! If you are interested, keep reading, at the bottom I'll throw in a bit of a sneak peak of the intro for this video.

What's next?

After releasing the Discord video, I plan on doing a quick video covering my predictions for Season 5.  I think they'll be very different from most others you've seen so far.  I then might try to do an episode or two from an earlier point in time to try and come up with some methods I can employ once Season 5 does begin to allow me to create and release episode analyses in a more timely manner.

Well, thanks for reading so far and here's the teaser I promised.  Obviously the audio is going to be completely changed (it's actually already been recorded), and there will be more stuff added in eventually.  Enjoy!

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